Integrate Elite Chain Technology into your games. Be responsible and turn your players into heroes. Each time a player win a game, they earn money and also share fees for our games and associations partners.
A win win chain !

It’s time to have fun, earn money and save the earth !

We are convinced that we can have a real impact for the good of our Planet. Thanks to millions of players, we can regain biodiversity. Let us be smart and cooperative. Every player who uses our ecosystem will be a hero on our planet for his pleasure. And every cent donated to our association to finance sustainable and environmental projects will be traceable throughout the entire "chain"!


Our innovative wallet aims to convert a skill game, also called a skill game, into a true virtuous economic universe. More serious, more competitive so more fun.


If you want make money, we do not let chance do the gamer. Here, it is your know-how and skills that are rewarded. Be strong, be smart, be rewarded by your own challenge in game.


Our objective is to finance projects with high environmental impacts. GFC is financed by the redistribution of 50% of the exit fees collected by Elite Chain via the Elite Chain module.

Partners / Supports
We are proud to be part of :
The Garage, The Family and Dune Network.